With so many manufacturers of cycle wear out there, it’s hard to choose the right one for you. You may be price focused rather than product focused which can reduce the life of the cycling jersey. A lot of time, materials and thought goes into making jerseys and some put more in than others. Sure, the colours look really pretty and they can sell ice to an eskimo, but do you really want ice or do you want to be on fire.

With our Cycle Jerseys, we use our own 195GSM Triflow fabric exclusive to Triple Play. This is perfect for high performance sportswear to keep you cool, dry and comfortable. All fabrics are knitted with the highest quality multi-filament, microfibre yarns available and dyed with a wicking finish for maximum moisture evaporation and soft handling.

Other manufacturers use 140GSM or 145GSM fabric to make their Cycle Jerseys which is not as strong. It’s a cheaper fabric (which means a cheaper jersey), but it’s also offers less performance and strength. The thinner the material, the less stitches that can be used which also affects the strength.

Check out our Garment Care section under Cycling to see how to get the maximum life out of your cycle jersey. If you follow this guide, you can see your Triple Play Cycle Jersey out last the competitions by years.

Key points about Triple Play Cycle Jerseys:

  • 195GSM TriFlow fabric Exclusive to Triple Play
  • Higher stitch counts for increased strength and durability
  • Life of the garment zip warranty
  • Australian Made, Owned & Operated not just Australian Owned & Operated like others