Caring for your cycling kit

To get the best out of your kit for many years to come, Triple Play recommends that you ensure that the washing instructions are followed as per care instructions. Triple Play is proud of the cycle clothing it produces and offers a “life of the garment warranty” on construction and fabrics if all care instructions are followed.

There have been occasions where care instructions have not been followed causing undesired results where instructions have been ignored over a period of time.

The following problems can occur:

1. Dye running Washing garment in hot water
2. White areas going grey Using bleach agents/dryer
3. Early wear in seat areas Using bleach agents/dryer
4. Chamois discolouration/breakdown Using bleach agents/dryer
5. Broken stitching in seat area Using bleach agents/dryer OR rough seat OR Velcro on tool bag
6. Zipper separation Incorrectly seated at base of the zip OR Drying too hot in tumble dryer
7. Abrasions / Pilling Washing garments with cycle gloves that have Velcro straps

As you can see a lot of problems can occur when care instructions are ignored.

Bleaching agents contain Chlorine which attacks the Elastic component in Lycra causing break down, weakening of the fabric, thread and foam deterioration in Chamois. Hot washing will affect the dyes within the fabric causing dye release on saddles, not good when saddlesare white.

Below are some examples of what can happen when chlorine/hot wash weakens the fabric and thread of the knicks.

Triple Play always standby the products that we manufacture, we want you to look good and get value for money with great performance.

Yours in Cycling,

Peter Oversluizen

Triple Play