Commisioned Artists Profiles

Munthaeh Joseph Lawton Triple Play Indigenous Commisioned Artist

Artist: Munthaeh Joseph Lawton

Tribe: Bidjara

P. O. B.: Rockhampton QLD

Munthaeh is a proud Bidjara man, who was given the role of an artist when he was 12yrs old by his elder’s and was given his tribal name when he was 19. Munthaeh has had many achievments through his art, such as exhibitions at a number of venue’s including the Gold Coast City Council and the Nara Resort. He also had his own art galleries on the Gold Coast for many years. Munthaeh has three of his children that are involved in Aboriginal Dancing in and around Brisbane, which he is very proud of.

Artist: Jason Passfield

yaama, meaning hello in the Gamilaroi, Gamilaraay, Gomeroi langauge
my name is Jason Passfield and I am an Aboriginal artist I was born in 1966
I am a descendent of the Gamilaroi/ Gomeroi poeples
I have been painting and drawing for most of my life
I have been involved with Aboriginal art for the past 20 years, education at all levels
and varies other aspects of employment and varies government and communities that I
have done varies designs of Aboriginal art for.
I have exhibitied with other Aboriginal artist, from small and regional country towns
to regional coastal cities and one capital city, throughout parts of the South East of
Queensland and New South Wales
I like to paint animals that are native to our lands throughout Aboriginal Australia, in
a traditional and contempary way of Aboriginal art
I like to keep the Aboriginal Art Culture alive by painting these animals it keeps their
spirits alive when I paint in this style of traditional and contempary Aboriginal art
my art works reflect stories of my travels and family story lines
I have travelled throughout this great vast land of ours and will continue to do so
as to keep Aboriginal Art Culture Alive and to educate an understanding of
achievements that Aboriginal People have contributed in no matter what shape or
form this is my passion
I would like to Acknowlegde the Traditional Owners, Elders and their Descedents
past, present and future on whose land we our on and to all other Aboriginal
communities throughout Aboriginal Australia which we travel through