Triathlon Colours

Triathlon Colours

At Triple Play, we use only quality inks and materials that produce the best quality results. We will always try to match your chosen colour as closely as possible.

Pantone® Colour Book (Coated)

If you have access to a Pantone® Colour Book (Coated) that is less than 12 months old, we can see exactly what colour you want and match it within a few shades on our fabric. If the book is more than 12 months old, fading can play a factor in how the colours appear and you will get different results to our print. As the Pantone® Colours are meant for paper products and special inks, the colour printed on fabric can vary slightly to the PMS Colour. Also, due to the fabrics individual sheen and construction properties colours can vary slightly from fabric to fabric which is normal and unavoidable.

Knicks & Bib Fabric Colour

The body of the shorts is constructed from a pre-dyed fabric which helps maintain maximum durability and colour preservation. As this is a pre-dyed fabric, we only have a limited amount of colours available. As monitors can vary colours, this should be used as a guide only.