Triathlon Garment Care

Triple Play Garment Care

At Triple Play we are very proud of the quality of our products . All our garments come with care labels but to get the most life out of your Triple Play garments, we advise the following:

> Do Not Use Fabric Softner

Fabric softner (as the name suggests) softens the fabric and loosens the fit especially on a tighter fitting garment. Be sure to check that your soap or powder does not contain softener as some brands do.

> Don’t Leave Wet Or Damp Garments In A Pile

Leaving your Triple Play Cycle Jersey or Knicks in a pile, wet or damp, for a long period of time can cause discolouration to the custom print. Sweat and bacteria will attack and degrade the garments.

> Don’t Wash With Garments Containing Velcro

Washing your Triple Play Cycle Jersey or Knicks with items containing velcro will damage or even tear you garments.

> Don’t Use A Clothes Drier Or Hang In Direct Sunlight

Never use a clothes drier as over time this will damage your garments. Hang out to dry, but try not to leave your garments in direct sunlight.

> Don’t Use Bleach Or Products Containing Bleach

Bleach attacks the material and will degrade your custom prints colour. Be aware that some washing powders and soap contain bleach which can also be harmful.

> Use A Washing Liquid Rather Than Washing Powder

Using a washing liquid is more beneficial than a washing powder, as it can clog the fabric weave and therefore reduce functionality. Be aware that some liquids may contain bleach.

> Wash On Cold Gentle Setting

At Triple Play, we want you to enjoy the most from your garments. So, to get the most life out of them, we recommend washing on a cold water setting on a gentle cycle. Close all zippers and turn the garment inside out.